Best Soccer Ball Pump

So you bought that new soccer ball you always wanted. I know you cannot wait until you go out and try it. You just want to kick it and give it your best and score. But before you do this, you have one little but important step. You have to pump it with some air, thus you need a good soccer ball pump.

No worries, we are here to help and present you with the best ball pumps and inflation devices. Hopefully you see this post and you buy a soccer ball pump and have it ready before you receive your ball.

There are different types of ball pumps. There are some electric ones and there are hand pumps. Electric pumps save you some pumping work especially if your ball came fully deflated or if you have to pump multiple balls. But if you have a couple balls, a regular hand pump will be good enough.
I recommend to get one with a pressure gauge, or buy a separate pressure gauge.

The recommended pressure for a size 5 ball is between 8.5 and 15.6 psi. Whether you want to pump your ball within this range or little lower is up to you and how you like your ball to be. But a pressure gauge is still important. That way you find your sweet spot and you know how much to inflate the ball to get a perfect ball from the first try every time.

The last thing to remember and watch for is the pump needle. Make sure there are some soccer ball needles in the package and buy some if they are not included. Also push the needle straight into the ball and do not bend it and be careful not to push too hard and break it.

Below are some of the best ball pumps i found out there.

Under Armour Dual Action ball pump$19.99Under Armour
Alkai Sports Dual Action pump$15.97Alkai Sports
Mikasa Electric Pump$159.99Mikasa Electric
Sportbit ball pump$12.99Sportbit
Nike ball pump$10.79Nike
Dimples Excel ball pump$8.99Dimples
CSI Cannon Sports Electric Pump$89.98CSI Cannon Sports